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August 17, 2013


This Sunday August 18th promises to be a beautiful day and what better way to enjoy the late summer than an old fashioned community lunch. The Warkworth Long Lunch is an annual event that celebrates community, the bounty of summers harvest, and is an ideal occasion to meet up with old friends and develop new ones. It is simply put a feel-good day that is sure to put a smile on your face.

And it is on this very weekend that Camp Ho-Ba-Chee celebrates our 2nd Anniversary! Hard to imagine that two years has already flown by since we first opened our doors in Warkworth. We are just as giddy and excited now as we were then. We are amazed by all the fascinating and generous people we have met and the wonderful friendships we have developed. 
Warkworth, WE LOVE 'YA!

So come on to Warkworth on Sunday, have a great meal, great laughs, and enjoy some toe tapping music by the Fade Kings. As well, all the shops and galleries will be open for you to explore.

Make sure to drop in for a visit and say hi to us at Camp Ho-Ba-Chee
If you say "PIE, DID YOU SAY PIE!" you will earn 
yourself a 10% discount on your purchases at Camp Ho-Ba-Chee

Our way of thanking you for your support in marking our 2nd Anniversary. 

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