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January 25, 2014


It's a pretty snowy day in Trent Hills today and we have been doing more than our fair share of shovelling. But the biggest challenge was deciding what would be the best way to get to our shop in Warkworth today. Some of our options were:

Train - except there is none in these parts so scratch that.

Skiing. True, there are lots of hills here but not that many. And without a chair lift - forget it.

A weird wheeled hovercrafty thing with ski attachments. Except we don't own one. Darn.

Snowshoes. Really? Are you kidding me? I get out of breathe going around the block!

By way of an adorable, vintage snowmobile. It would be perfect and we'd look so cute on it. Again the problem is that we don't own one. Poopy!

By sled. Good idea except they're all at the shop and not here.

By modifying our van into a hovercrafty thing. But by the time we modified our van it would be time to close the shop and come back home. So kinda defeats the purpose.

By spinning our way to work. We tried, but got too dizzy.


And by far our personal favourite way was to strip down to the bare essentials with a bunch of crazy friends and toboggan to work. The only problem was all our crazy friends are already in Warkworth and not here.

And so we stayed home!

We miss you Warkworth. Hope to see you and all our crazy friends tomorrow.

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