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July 2, 2013

What's In A Name

Have we ever told you how we got our name?

It all started when we fell in love with this great sign.

We were at an antique show in Lakefield shortly after moving into the area. We bought this sign from one of the show vendors and it hung in our living room for several years.  All we were able to learn at the time was that the sign came from a camp in the Haliburton area in the 1950's. 

A few years later we decided to open an antique and vintage shop. We loved the Camp Ho-Ba-Chee sign and the fun, nostalgic and carefree spirit that it represented so it seemed a perfect fit for our shop name. 

We opened our doors in Warkworth in August 2011 and that Fall Rita Zekas did an article on the village and its shops for The Toronto Star. The day the article came out we received an e-mail from a man in Toronto whose father was one of two co-founders of the original Camp Ho-Ba-Chee. Through him we were able to discover that camp had been a boys camp in Haliburton on Big Brother Lake from 1948, 49 and 50. The name Camp Ho-Ba-Chee apparently translated to Camp Many Echoes.

Now you know the rest of the story! S'mores anyone?

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